The LECo project shall respond on the needs of remote communes and settlements for a sustainable energy supply. The goal is to combine new innovative technologies with locally available natural resources, and to raise awareness of energy efficiency and possibilities to use the renewable energy. The approach is based on the model of local cycle economy. In the project, Local Energy Communities (LECo) will be formed, which will create synergetic effects to the local economy and social coherence.


The project will bring together the combined experience, knowledge and expertise of the project partners and provide conditions for creation of energy self-sufficient Local Energy Communities (LECo). The central European “Energy Village” concept will be adapted for the NPA / project partner regions (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland). Existing cases of Energy Villages inside and outside the NPA area will be analyzed in form of documented cases and will deliver guidance about success factors and pitfalls for Energy Villages.


The LECo project supports small communities in becoming self-sufficient regarding energy. The project aims at raising awareness about energy efficiency and the possibilities to use locally available renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydropower, as well as side streams from industry, households and agricultural origin.


The project gathers test groups from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. The goal is that the test group will become self-sufficient regarding energy making the most of locally available energy source and new technologies.


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